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Q&A with Quinnipiac commit Tyler Ghirardosi

Tyler Ghirardosi (photo by Jim Bailey/Trail Times)
The Trail to Quinnipiac pipeline has once again been extended. Quinnipiac has found past success in recent years out of Trail, British Columbia, Canada with Travis St. Denis and current Bobcats Craig Martin and Scott Davidson. Starting in the 2019-2020 season, Quinnipiac will have another Trail product in 1999 born forward Tyler Ghirardosi who committed to Quinnipiac on May 13th. Coming off a successful rookie season with the Trail Smoke Eaters (BCHL), Ghirardosi will give Quinnipiac some size and scoring up front. Tyler was gracious enough to give the BobcatsHockeyBlog some time for a Q&A this week and we thank him to the time and once again welcome him to Bobcat Nation.

BobcatsHockeyBlogFirst off congratulations. What are your emotions like after making this decision to commit to Quinnipiac?

Tyler Ghirardosi: Thank you! It is a lot of excitement. During my visit I loved what I’d seen with the campus and facilities so I had a good gut feeling.

BobcatsHockeyBlogTell us about your overall recruiting experience? Did you recently visit the Quinnipiac campus?

Tyler Ghirardosi: It’s a pretty cool experience, you get treated very well by anyone you meet, they did a great job of making me feel welcome. I visited the campus the last weekend the students were still there. Its a beautiful campus and the rink is unreal. It was an overall awesome experience for me.

BobcatsHockeyBlog: When did the Quinnipiac staff first reach out to you to show their interest in you as a player?

Tyler Ghirardosi: I believe it started back in mid January.

BobcatsHockeyBlogDid any other NCAA schools show interest in you and did you have offers from any others?

Tyler Ghirardosi: Yes. I had interest from a couple other programs but I narrowed it down and decided Quinnipiac would be the best fit for me as a player and as a student.

BobcatsHockeyBlogA lot of players I have seen recently prior to playing in the BCHL usually play major midgets or in the CSSHL. You took a different route playing Junior B hockey. What led you down that path as opposed to those two other options?

Tyler Ghirardosi: Good question. The main thing I guess to me is that it was better hockey and I think a better stepping stone to take me into junior hockey. The KIJHL is a good Junior B league to play in.

BobcatsHockeyBlogYou had a very solid rookie season with 40 points in 57 games along with another 8 goals and 2 assists in the playoffs. What helped prepare you for such a solid season as a rookie?

Tyler Ghirardosi: I think that I was just given the opportunity by the coach. It definitely helps your confidence when the coach believes in you. Our team this year was offensively gifted which always helps as we had four lines that could score. I have to give credit to my line mates as I played with the same guys for the most of the year and they made it easy to communicate and made it fun.

BobcatsHockeyBlogTell us about your overall game as a player. What are some of your strengths?

Tyler Ghirardosi: I think I would describe myself as a power forward who likes to play a physical game. I like to be in the corners and use my size.

BobcatsHockeyBlogAfter seeing highlights of your goal against Penticton would you say that hand eye coordination is a strength of yours?

Tyler Ghirardosi: Ha Ha. Yes I guess so. I played a lot of street hockey growing up.

BobcatsHockeyBlogYou are not coming to Quinnipiac until the 2019-2020 so between now and then what are some of the areas you want to improve upon as a player?

Tyler Ghirardosi: I’d like to improve lower body strength and improve my skating, I’m aware that that’s an area I have to work on. You have to be fast in this and any league you play in.

BobcatsHockeyBlogMany players leave home to play junior hockey but you stayed home in Trail to play for the Smoke Eaters. Is there any added pressure to play in front of family and friends day in and day out?

Tyler Ghirardosi: No I don’t think so. They are there to support you, so I find that it makes it easy to play in front of them.

BobcatsHockeyBlogQuinnipiac has a couple of Trail guys in Craig Martin and Scott Davidson. How influential were they in helping you during your visit?

Tyler Ghirardosi: They helped a lot. I was basically with them for the whole time. It helped knowing someone as it’s easier to ask questions and stuff like that. They made it an enjoyable visit.

BobcatsHockeyBlogIs there any player that you try to model your game after?

Tyler Ghirardosi: Yes I do and would love to be Evgeni Malkin. He is a fun player to watch and his size, hands, and hockey IQ are things I want to match.

BobcatsHockeyBlog: To this point in your life who has been your biggest influence or role model to help you get this opportunity to play Division 1 NCAA hockey?

Tyler Ghirardosi: I think my twin brother Devin. Growing up everything you can think of was a competition. And of course growing up playing hockey together until this past year, we pushed each other in everything we did so I think that would be what influenced me.

BobcatsHockeyBlogTell us what type of person the Quinnipiac community will get in Tyler Ghirardosi on and off the ice?

Tyler Ghirardosi: You’ll be getting an adult that will come to the rink everyday to work. I'll know my role and I won’t try to be someone I’m not. I’m not a guy that will say very many words but I like to lead by example. That’s the same thing in the classroom. I’m there to do my work, hand in assignments on time and go to class. And for the community, I’m someone you can depend on to get stuff done as I hold my self accountable. I’ll be equally respectful and responsible in all those areas.

BobcatsHockeyBlogOff the ice what do you enjoy doing when you are not playing hockey?

Tyler Ghirardosi: I’m a big fisherman as my father and I go out a lot during the summer months here in Trail.

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