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Q&A with Quinnipiac commit Ethan Leyh

Ethan Leyh with the Langley Rivermen (photo by Langley Rivermen)
It was an early Christmas present for Quinnipiac fans when the Bobcats picked up a big commitment when former Wisconsin commit Ethan Leyh announced he would attend Quinnipiac for the fall of 2019. Rated on the NHL Central Scouting watch list, Leyh is someone that should be drafted come June when the draft commences on his hometown of Vancouver. The BobcatsHockeyBlog caught up with Ethan for a Q&A about his commitment, hockey and more. Thanks for Ethan for taking the time to do this out of his busy schedule.

BobcatsHockeyBlog: First off congratulations on your commitment. What are your emotions like after making this decision to commit to Quinnipiac for next fall?

Ethan Leyh: Obviously, I’m super excited to get the opportunity to come to such an amazing school like Quinnipiac and I can’t wait to get going with all the coaches and players next year. My family and I can’t wait for this opportunity.

BobcatsHockeyBlog: This isn’t your first time committing to a school as you previously had committed to Wisconsin in November of 2016. You were quoted on as you thought that Quinnipiac would be a better place for you and that you cited four 2001 forwards that were already going to Wisconsin as a factor. Was this a decision you were thinking of for awhile or was this a more recent decision due to possible over commitments on the Wisconsin end?

Ethan Leyh: I just felt like Quinnipiac was the right place for me as a hockey player moving forward in my hockey career.

BobcatsHockeyBlog: When did Quinnipiac first reach out to you to show their interest in you as a player. The article also says you visited Quinnipiac recently. What was your impression of the school and the hockey facilities after your visit?

Ethan Leyh: They first reached out to me after I decommitted from my previous school and my first impression of the school was very good as I really like the area and how the school was laid out and everything. As well I was really impressed with the hockey rink and the facilities inside the rink and really got me excited for the future.

BobcatsHockeyBlog: You recently played in the World Junior A Challenge representing Canada West and had a strong tournament with 3 goals and 2 assists along with winning a bronze medal. What was that experience like for you as a player and what can you take away from a tournament going against some really good talent on the ice?

Ethan Leyh: It was a huge honor to be able to wear the Canadian jersey and it was an amazing experience for me to be able to play against some of the worlds best players while learning from some of my teammates. It was an overall amazing experience for me.

BobcatsHockeyBlog: This is your second season in the BCHL with Langley and you are the teams leading scorer this season with 32 points in 31 games played. How has the coaching staff helped you with your development over the past year and a half so far, especially with making the jump to the Junior A level as a 16 year old player?

Ethan Leyh: They have helped me become a faster and smarter player which has really helped me late last year and as well as this year.

BobcatsHockeyBlog: Tell us about your overall game as a player. What would you say are some of your strengths?

Ethan Leyh: I would say my strengths as a player are my smarts along with playing below the dots and my shot as well.

BobcatsHockeyBlog: This is your last year of juniors prior to enrolling at Quinnipiac next fall. What are some of the areas of your game you want to improve upon in order to be prepared for the jump to NCAA hockey?

Ethan Leyh: I would like to improve my neutral zone play, as well as my first three steps as the game gets faster and faster as you move up levels in hockey.

BobcatsHockeyBlog: What type of role does the Quinnipiac coaching envision you in next season and was that something you discussed when you made your commitment to the program?

Ethan Leyh: We didn’t really talk about where I would be in the lineup while making this decision. I will have to earn my spot just like everyone else.

BobcatsHockeyBlog: Quinnipiac has 11 future commitments including yourself playing in the BCHL. What does it say about the league when Quinnipiac continues to recruit hard in Western Canada?

Ethan Leyh: It’s a very good look on the league as a whole and really shows that development is a very big part of the BCHL and something that this league takes very seriously.

BobcatsHockeyBlog: You are rated a C prospect on the NHL Central scouting watch list which is a potential 4th, 5th and 6th round pick. At this point in the season have you had any contact with NHL scouts?

Ethan Leyh: At this point in the season, I have had some contact with some of these NHL teams.

BobcatsHockeyBlog: You were selected to play in the Canadian Junior Hockey League all-star game. How excited are you to play in that game in January?

Ethan Leyh: I’m super excited to get the opportunity to play in that game and showcase my talents.

BobcatsHockeyBlog: Is there any player in the game today that you try to model your game after?

Ethan Leyh: Joe Pavelski of the San Jose Sharks and Kyle Connor of the Winnipeg Jets are two that come to mind.

 Are you a big fan of the Canucks being from Port Moody, B.C. which is just east of Vancouver?

Ethan Leyh: No. I’m a fan of the San Jose Sharks actually.

BobcatsHockeyBlog: How did you become a Sharks fan being despite growing up so close to Vancouver?

Ethan Leyh: I always was a huge fan of Joe Thornton and I met him at a young age and that made me a fan of them.

BobcatsHockeyBlog: Who to this point in your life has been your biggest influence to get you to this point in getting an opportunity to play NCAA Division I hockey?

Ethan Leyh: I would have to say both my mother and father.

 What type of person is the Quinnipiac community going to get in you on and off the ice?

Ethan Leyh: They will be getting a very energetic, competitive person who is very responsible and respectful who always has a smile on his face.

BobcatsHockeyBlog: Off the ice what are some of things that Evan Leyh enjoys doing?

Ethan Leyh: I enjoy football and basketball along with watching any type of sport basically.

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