Friday, August 16, 2019

Q&A with Quinnipiac commit Sam Lipkin

Sam Lipkin with La Salle

Quinnipiac recently picked up its fourth 2003 born commit in Sam Lipkin this past Tuesday. A native of Lafayette Hill, PA, Lipkin is a 6'1, 186 pound left shot forward who recently played for the Philadelphia Jr. Flyers U-16 program. Set to move to the North Jersey Avalanche program this coming season, the BobcatsHockeyBlog caught up with Lipkin to discuss his recruitment, hockey life and off ice interests. Thanks to Sam for taking the time out of his schedule for this Q&A.

BobcatsHockeyBlog: First off congratulations. What are your emotions like after making this decision to commit to Quinnipiac?

Sam Lipkin: I was really excited and filled with joy, it’s a great opportunity for me and my family.

BobcatsHockeyBlog: Tell us about your overall recruiting process with Quinnipiac. When did they first reach out to you to show their interest in you as a future player for the program?

Sam Lipkin: They started showing interest about three weeks weeks ago. Then from that point, I visited the campus on August 3rd. After that they gave me all the time I needed to make my decision.

BobcatsHockeyBlog: Were there any other Division I programs showing interest in you as a player and if so which ones ?

Sam Lipkin: There was definitely some other Division I interest from schools such as Providence, Penn State, UMass Amherst, Merrimack and Cornell.

BobcatsHockeyBlog: What separated Quinnipiac from some of those schools, which made you want to commit to the Bobcats over those others?

Sam Lipkin: Quinnipiac just felt right to me. It’s a great place for hockey along with getting a great education. The atmosphere at all the games is great and I felt really comfortable with the coaching staff.

BobcatsHockeyBlog: Tell us about your overall game as a player? What are some of the things you do well as a player?

Sam Lipkin: I think that I do a little bit of everything as a player. I’m a full 200 foot player that can score and make plays. I also make everyone around me better, and I like to lead by example.

BobcatsHockeyBlog: What are some of the areas that you want to improve upon before you reach the collegiate level?

Sam Lipkin: I would like to work on extending my stride and working on my first three steps. Another area I would like to work on is my shot. But obviously, to get to the collegiate level, I will need to get bigger, stronger and faster overall.

BobcatsHockeyBlog: You played last season for the Philadelphia Jr. Flyers and your high school program La Salle College High. This year you are heading to the North Jersey Avalanche program. What went into that decision to move to a new program?

Sam Lipkin: The North Jersey Avalanche are a top program every year. Every coach wants to help you get to the next level. It was a no brainer decision when the opportunity was presented to me.

BobcatsHockeyBlog: So with the move to the Avalanche program are your days over with the La Salle program as will you be putting a full commitment with North Jersey?

Sam Lipkin: Yes my days with La Salle are over. The past two years with them were the best years of my life and I learned so many lessons. To maximize my development I am going to fully commit to the North Jersey Avalanche program by billeting up in North Jersey. This will allow me to really develop as a player and a person.

BobcatsHockeyBlog: You were drafted in the second round of the USHL Futures Draft by the Chicago Steel. Do you have plans on attending their camp before going back to North Jersey?

Sam Lipkin: I actually got to go to their camp this year earlier in the summer.

BobcatsHockeyBlog: What was that experience like and what did you take away from it?

Sam Lipkin: The experience was awesome, Chicago is a first class organization that I’m very happy to be apart of. I took away what I need to work on to go to the next level. The speed and strength is at another level there. But it was good to see what I have to do to get myself ready for the USHL.

BobcatsHockeyBlog: Is your plan to have a strong development year with North Jersey this year in preparation for making the jump to Chicago in the 2020-2021 season?

Sam Lipkin: Yes that is the plan. Obviously a lot of hard work has to be done and a lot of things have to go right but if I keep developing I hope I can make the team.

BobcatsHockeyBlog: Is there a player in today’s game that you model your game after?

Sam Lipkin: Jonathan Toews. I think that we are both winners and both help our teams in all areas of the game. He comes up big when his team needs him the most and I try and do the same.

BobcatsHockeyBlog: Who to this point in your life, would say is your biggest influence to get you to this point of an NCAA Division I commitment?

Sam Lipkin: I think my parents for sure. They have taught me everything that I know and they are always there supporting me and cheering me on. Without them, I don’t think I would be the same player.

BobcatsHockeyBlog: Tell us what type of person that the Quinnipiac community will get in Sam Lipkin on and off the ice?

Sam Lipkin: I think on the ice the community is getting a winner and someone who loves to win big hockey games and someone who leads by example. Off the ice the community is getting a leader in the classroom and someone who likes to get everyone involved. I am also an outgoing kid who will treat everyone with respect.

BobcatsHockeyBlog: What does Sam Lipkin like to do when he is not playing hockey?

Sam Lipkin: I love hanging out with my friends and having a good time. I also enjoy playing video games and hanging out with my family.

You can follow the BobcatsHockeyBlog on Twitter @QHockeyBlog.


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